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We understand that the manufacturing process is an iterative process, a partnership between your team and ours. Experience shows us that every project is different; each product is unique. In our more than 40 years of combined manufacturing experience in Mainland China, producing hundreds of thousands of items, we have developed and honed a series of steps that ensure the quality and timely delivery of your products.

Research & Development

Primal Manufacturing supports all design stages of your product development, from conceptualization to design through to feasibility analysis. Our in-house engineers partner with you, your marketing teams and design agencies to bring imagination, experience and concrete solutions to the R&D process. Technologies and regulations are constantly changing in today’s world. Whatever your technical requirements may be, our ‘savoir faire’ allows us put the latest technology at your disposal, for example an advancement in nano-spray technology or most recent development in 3D etching.

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Our technical team leverages their knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of methodologies to bring your prototypes to life. Attention to detail makes our functional prototypes second to none, so you don’t have to settle for ‘proof of concept’. We develop – each and every time – a prototype that represents, as closely as possible, your finished product. During this phase, our engineers are simultaneously working behind the scenes to identify and evaluate production sites. We bring this information and these insights back into the R&D process to assist you in selecting the right solution for getting your products to market, on spec and on time. Finally, we identify the specific quality control steps to be implement during production, in addition to Primal’s standard Quality Management Processes (QMP).




We have visited over 600 factories in China since 1996. This detailed, hands-on understanding of the production environment in Mainland China uniquely positions us to source and manage production for all your multi-material packaging and POSM needs. We know which factories are right – and wrong – for your products. Production partners are ISO and SEDEX certified and labor practices are consistent with the International Labor Organization standards. Primal’s Quality Management Processes (QMP) ensure your products are manufactured to specification and adhere to the rigorous quality standards of the FDA or EC. Our project management specialists ensure communication and cooperation between specialty production, assembly sites and the logistics team

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