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Bio PE + 15% Cork

Our Commitment to Sustainability


Discover how we are working to create a sustainable future through innovation, partnerships and R&D.

We focus on all steps in the production process, from conception and design all the way through to delivery at your door, to ensure that we make choices to support the environment. We follow Lean Six Sigma standards, and are currently undergoing ISO 14000 and ISO 9001 Certification. In our Kang Hong factory, we employ state of the art machinery and processes to minimize waste, transportation and packaging. Our R&D team focuses on designs and production processes that optimize raw materials and energy use. Primal has established partnerships with the world leaders in recycled ocean plastic and bio plastic materials. We work together with these partners to ensure that the materials selected meet your technical and environmental requirements. 

Our Factory

Since 2016, Kang Hong plastic injection factory located in Zhuhai is 100% owned by the French subsidiary of the Primal Manufacturing Group.

In this 3000 sq. meter state-of-the-art factory, Primal has set up three distinct platforms – Manufacturing, Assembly, and Quality Control. Our unique QC center allows us to individually check all pieces produced by our partners before approving them for delivery to customers.

Kang Hong is considered to be amongst the major players in developing and producing products made from bio-sourced plastics, as well as ocean plastics. This has allowed Kang Hong to develop relationships with leading bio-plastic suppliers from France, the United States, and Italy.

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