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Edition Speciale - Luxe Pack de Paris

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Primal is a well-known company in the world of luxury packaging. Through its 100% wholly owned plastic injection factory located in Zhuhai, China, Primal remains at the forefront of the development of bio-plastic products.

Natureplast, a Normandie based company, is known to be the European leader in supplying ecologically sourced, biodegradable, and bio-based plastics. It is a leader in the research and development in these plastics and holds the largest portfolio of bio-plastics in Europe.

Through its subsidiary, Biopolynov, currently the only research and development center dedicated to bio-plastics, many of the technological limitations of bio-plastics can today be surpassed.

Together, these two specialists have formed a unique partnership by uniting their competencies, R&D, and industrial tools. They plan on using the byproducts of cosmetic and spirit companies and reintegrate them in bio-plastics in order to create new products for these industries, thus creating a circular economy over the life of products.

They are proposing to the luxury industry – Spirits, Champagne, Cosmetic and Fragrance companies – an innovative and ecological solution in the production of packaging and POSM from pure bio-sourced, as well as bio-plastic compounds produced from grape seeds, cork tree bark, distillery pulp, etc…

From the start of your project, Primal and Natureplast will make available to you all their knowledge in order to better understand the constraints of both production and the use of environmentally friendly plastic in creating your product. This tri-party development will guarantee efficiency and quality.

During the course of the show, these companies will be presenting:

- Plastic injected products made from compound or pure bio-plastics

- Double injected products made with ocean sourced plastic.

- Products made in CNC with biodegradable materials.

Please come find them on stand A12 for further information and to discuss future projects.


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